Use this calculator to work out the weight of a mould given the size and material density.

This tool is useful for working out crane lifting requirements as well as compatibility with a moulding machine. Consult your moulding machine technical data for maximum mould weights.

Density table is given below for some steels. For a more accurate answer source your own density data.

P20 Mold steel: 7.85 grams/cubic cm or 0.2836 lbs/cubic inch

H13  steel : 7.80 grams/cubic cm or 0.2818 lbs/cubic inch

Stainless steel: 8.03 grams/cubic cm or 0.2901 lbs/cubic inch

Calc #6

Calculation of Mold Weight
Preferred unit of measurement:
Length (cm):
Width (cm):
Height (cm):
Material density (grams/cubic cm):
Mold weight (kgs) :

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