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Ultra thin wall injection molding-Light weighting

500ml 0.4 tub

Want to reduce your plastic part weight. Click here to see an example of how to light weight your part design using ultra thin wall injection molding.

Continue reading "Ultra thin wall injection molding-Light weighting"

Proven Mold Designs for Sale

4 cavity

Thinwall Packaging Mold Designs for Sale- Go Shopping Today!

Continue reading "Proven Mold Designs for Sale"

Uneven Wall Thickness in Injection Molding

250ml Tub

If you are wrestling with uneven wall thickness in injection molding then we might have the anwers for you

Continue reading "Uneven Wall Thickness in Injection Molding"

3 Plate Mold Design For Injection Molding


Learn how to design a 3 plate mold and when to use a 2 plate mold design.

Continue reading "3 Plate Mold Design For Injection Molding"




Learning Injection molding design

when wearplate is designed, is it necessary that there should be a very small gap between the core and cavity side of the mold right where the wearplate

Continue reading "Learning Injection molding design"

carlos ramos

do you have an online course?

Continue reading "carlos ramos"

Isolate plates

Where is better to put isolate during mold design? inside mold (between clamp plate and cavity plates) or outside? (after clamp plate) Can be an important

Continue reading "Isolate plates"

Clamp plate thickness

How can we calculate the minimum thickness o clamp plate to avoid bad design?

Continue reading "Clamp plate thickness"


How to avoid weld lines.

Continue reading "Ketan"

mold size calculation

From part size & number of sliders,undercut how to calculate tentative mold size?

Continue reading "mold size calculation"

What’s would be the extra material to keep at the matching area of core and cavity inserts

1What’s would be the extra material to keep at the matching area of core and cavity Inserts 2. How to provide spacer lengths interms of ejection length

Continue reading "What’s would be the extra material to keep at the matching area of core and cavity inserts "

Injection Molding Training for Thin Wall Packaging Parts

Start making & processing thin wall molds at a profit with injection molding training.

Continue reading "Injection Molding Training for Thin Wall Packaging Parts"

Support pillars

Is there any specific calculation for using a particular size of support pillars and it's placing?

Continue reading "Support pillars"

Gas vent

How to improve gas vent for part having mirror face?

Continue reading "Gas vent"

Setting Hold Time and Hold Pressure to Run an Optimized Process

Learn how to make quality parts without spending money

Continue reading "Setting Hold Time and Hold Pressure to Run an Optimized Process"

3D Rapid Prototyping in Injection Molding

Learn how 3D rapid prototyping benefits the injection molding industry

Continue reading "3D Rapid Prototyping in Injection Molding"

Injection Capacity Calculator For Injection Molding Machines

Different plastics have different melt densities which alters the injection capacity of a screw and barrel assembly. Use this injection capacity calculator to find the capacity of your machine.

Continue reading "Injection Capacity Calculator For Injection Molding Machines"

Production Calculators For Injection Molding

Need to know how long your next production run will take? Or how much material to order? Production calculators used to find the production rate, time & plastic material requirement.

Continue reading "Production Calculators For Injection Molding"

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