Injection Molding Training for Thin Wall Packaging Parts

Start making & processing injection molds at a profit with injection molding training.

Do you want your moulds to run like the video below producing high volume quality parts with short cycle times? Then continue reading.

If you are already making or are considering venturing into the world of manufacturing injection moulds for thin wall packaging parts then I might have some good advice for you. 

Designing and making thin wall moulds, especially stack moulds, is a complex process. Any mould maker can make a mould but whether or not it works is another story. If the finished mould is fit for commissioning after 1 or 2 trials then this is half the battle. The other half is ensuring the commissioned mould can produce 4 million shots per year with only scheduled maintenance stops.  If more than 2 trials are needed or the commissioned mold needs regular attention because of quality or cycle time issues then as a mold maker your profits might be compromised.

To help avoid this situation I provide onsite and online training designed to your specific needs.

Training Content and Scope

Below is a brief description of my injection molding training content and scope. Everything I teach has been learnt through bitter experience of making moulds specializing in thin wall parts in a small business environment for nearly 20 years with SK Engineering. This means I focus on areas that are critical to the mould making process as well as highlighting the areas that are of little importance so that you don’t waste time and money focusing on the wrong areas. Mould making is a business after all and a profit needs to be made on most jobs in order to survive in the long term.

List of training content and scope:

  • Part Design for manufacturability
  • Stack Mold Design
  • Hot runner design and selection
  • Mould Material selection 
  • Important Mould making techniques
  • The importance of correct polishing techniques 
  • Trouble shooting and process improvement 
  • The importance of machine selection 
  • How to maintain part quality, improve mould life and cycle time through proper mould maintenance 
  • Customer relations- how to deal with difficult customers who blame your mould for every quality issue! In this situation you need to know your stuff so you can clearly demonstrate that for example that flash is not due to the mould, it’s because the mould setup was done incorrectly.


Contact me on the form below to start the process of profitable mould making with practical injection molding training and let me know what quality or cycle time issues you are experiencing.

Injection Molding Training for Thin Wall Training

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