Details about core cavity seating

by Rajesh Kumar

Question by Rajesh: How to make a core and cavity to accurate seating,details about guide pillar bushes assembly.

My Answer:

To get accurate seating between core and cavity a suitable interlocking design must be used. The type of interlocking design depends upon factors such as mould price ( some designs take more time to make than others and therefore cost more), annual quantity requirement ( high volume requirement should have a robust design in order to maintain quality parts for the life of the mould), part wall thickness ( thin wall will require the most robust design because of the high cavity pressures and clamp tonnages required to fill the mould whereas thicker walled parts can have a less robust design).

One method of interlocking between is with the use of standard off the shelf components such as round or square tapered interlocks supplied by DME. They are easy to install into an injection mould and have been used successfully with low and high volume part requirements.

Having said that, in some situations standard DME guide pins and bushes will be strong enough to accurately align core and cavity - usually with low volume and thick wall section parts using single cavity moulds.

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