"How To Buy Used Injection Molding Machines That Work"

"Let Improve-Your-Injection-Molding.com get the right used injection molding machines for you - it is the easy way to grow your company on a budget"


If you are like many injection moulding companies you may be searching for the perfect blend of price, delivery time, quality, reliability and backup service.

If you are becoming frustrated in your search for the ideal used injection molding machines for sale then we might have the answer for you.

We Source The Right Machines For Your Needs

We find the right machines for the particular plastic parts you intend to mold. We do the work so you get the best used injection molding machines. This means you will produce high quality parts consistently and profitably.

And this will win you the respect of your customers so you'll get repeat orders and feel a terrific sense of satisfaction.

When searching for used machinery we will target younger machines so that we can ensure that the continuity of supply for the electronic equipment and control can still be sourced.

Get Fully Tested Molding Machines

All moulding machines are fully tested before delivery - so you know you are buying machines that will work and be safe to use. All machines are run and engineering parts are checked for the need to be replaced or refurbished. This will ensure they will be able to produce your plastic parts to the specified quality.

You won't have to suffer the time and frustration of troubleshooting and employees will be free to perform their daily tasks without interruption.

Best of all, the machines will start satisfying customers’ orders and earning you money immediately.

Fully tested machines will give you 5 to 7 years production - giving you time to save for the capital investment required to buy into new technology machines. It’s important to keep in mind that machine life depends upon cycle time, materials being processed and age of the machine.

Energy Savings

Significant energy savings are possible with some models of machines – saving you lots of money. New servo pump and control can be retrofitted to specifically designed machines normally of German origin.

Fast Delivery And Commissioning Service

Machines are normally ready for shipping in about 4 weeks but can be as little as 2 weeks if already completed and in stock. Once machines have been shipped to your country an experienced engineer will be be on his way to commission the machine- this is all part of the purchase price.

On top of that, you have the added security that it will function nearly as well as a new machine.

It doesn't matter which country you are located it, a commissioning service is all part of the cost.

With such a short delivery lead time, you can start taking orders from your customers straight away. And the sooner you complete each order, the sooner you will get paid - avoiding cash flow problems.

Fair Final Payment Terms

Final payment not required until you see the completed shipping documents. This gives you the security to know you will get your machines.

Some machine suppliers require final payment 5 days BEFORE shipping.


12 month Guarantee on labour (Warranty). We must be confident you will be satisfied. Only a really honest and established company would give a guarantee like that on a used machine. Most other machine suppliers will not give any guarantee at all – if you are lucky you will get 30 days.

So it must be everything we say it is. If it wasn't we would be foolish to offer such a long guarantee.

All used injection molding machines will be inspected and tested by us. At the completion of inspections and tests the machines will normally require additional repairs and parts to be installed that will bring them up to the standard that we will support.

It is critical that these additional repairs are carried out to ensure that our 12 month guarantee on repair labour can be given. Just purchasing a machine that has been reconditioned by some international warehouse seller does not guarantee that the machine has been repaired correctly and that all functions are operating properly.

This is why we must inspect each machine that we supply to our customers. It is normal for us to reject at least 50% of the machines we inspect.

Only the best used injection molding machines we will offer to our customers and stand behind them for the duration of their production.

Training Free Of Charge

On-site training after machine installation is free of charge. For one full day your molding technicians will learn how to use the machine more efficiently so you will be more productive and you will earn more money and your machine and moulds will last longer.

What's more, your molding technicians can apply this knowledge to every machine in your company so productivity will get even better.

Free Help By Email And Phone

If you get stuck you can get help and advice so you will never be left on your own. We make sure you won't have to struggle.

All Machine Manuals Supplied

The manuals will ensure you get long term productivity out of the machine because it holds information about:

  • Correct oil grades
  • When to replace filters
  • Maximum mold weight
  • Minimum mold size

All used injection molding machines must have full electrical drawings, hydraulic drawings and operational manuals otherwise we will not support the purchase of it.

Mold And Machine Package Option

If you require new molds for your machines we can offer these as a package.

There are a number of advantages to this:

  • It is cheaper than buying them separately
  • Eliminates interfacing problems
  • Will produce quality parts consistently and profitably
  • Will be easy to setup and maintain
  • Both mold and machine are guaranteed

Now’s The Time To Get A Quote

If you know what machines you need we can probably quote based upon your specifications. Keep in mind that not all machine manufacturers can supply the technical information and backup needed to keep the machines operational and the customer supported at all times.

We have a reasonable selection of well known brands that we will support and sell but not all brands will be offered to our customers. Continuity of spare parts, backup information, technical information and troubleshooting are most important to us and our customers.

If, however, you want to know what the best used injection molding machines are for the plastic parts you intend to mould then we draw upon 10 years of experience in helping our customers get the right machines. This means we do the hard ground work for you so that you can start producing the best quality parts consistently and profitable in the shortest delivery time. All of this at a reasonable price.

When you order used injection molding machines from us you can rest assured that all priority equipment is measured and replaced if necessary. The machine is completely checked over, run, tested and every function operated for its performance capability – piece of mind to know that you will get long term repeatability.

Take a peek at what one of our customers had to say :

Approximately five years ago I was faced with the problem that the moulding machines I had were too old, inefficient and unreliable. For my company to remain viable, I had to upgrade my machines.

After careful consideration of the options, I decided the most affordable option was to buy refurbished used injection molding machines out of Singapore.

I had been using Improve-Your-Injection-Molding for breakdown, repair and servicing on existing machinery, and as they were offering the service of going to Singapore to check the machines as they were being refurbished to ensure their quality was as anticipated, that is what I did.

The first machine I purchased, a KM 360 B Kawaguchi, arrived in August 2007. I was impressed with the condition and performance of this machine. It achieved a 40% power saving over my existing machines running the same product at the same rate. Since then I have purchased another 5 KM series Kawaguchi machines out of Singapore ranging in size from 50 to 280 tonne.

All these machines have proven to be very reliable and user friendly, producing good quality, consistent product. These machines have allowed us to broaden the type of work we can do successfully, into more complex multi-cavity tooling and enabled us to use a greater range of materials, including engineering plastics.

In the first half of 2010 I purchased an L/T Demag Ergotech 200, which had been refurbished in my factory. This is also proving to be a very good machine.

Overall I have been very pleased with the technical advice, service and back up provided to my company over the ten years that it has been operating.

Alan Myers

Managing Director

MT Containers Limited


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